the army fairy

full time Army, part time Fairy

➖ About me ➖

✨ Hi! You can call me Fairy:).

✨ I am 100% OT7 Army (slightly Tae biased tho hehe)

✨ I call myself the Army Fairy because on Twitter, I see a lot of people posting about how discouraged and down they feel, and when I see that, I want to make sure that they know they have someone to turn to or talk to in tough times. I'm hiding in your pocket if you ever wanna talk 🥺, just send me a purple heart 💜, and I'll fly out and keep you company 💜. Army is always here for each other 💜

✨@euphoriasfairy is my wifeu don't touch her she's taken 😜

I can be your Study Buddy!

📘I can be your Study Buddy!📘

📖 What I mean is, I can help you develop good studying habits! Sometimes, having somebody to study with in it of itself is helpful and motivational!

📁 As a person who greatly struggles with studying and organization, I have spent the last year looking up everything and anything that could help me. Now that I know what works for me, I want to help others!

📒 Not to mention my extreme issues with distractions lol. As student Armys, we oftentimes lose sleep for comebacks, or we end up watching BTS videos when we're supposed to be studying.

I am very guilty of this aswell 😔✋


📐 Having someone to keep an eye on you while you're studying, however annoying it may be, is very helpful as far as preventing said distractions. Another thing we can do, to make things a little fun, is include BTS in your study time! There are SO MANY ways of doing this! (WITHOUT getting distracted, side-tracked, or losing any time looking for the right piano mix (been there done that 😅))

📌 I want to make sure you understand me though, when I say I'm helping you develop good habits, not helping you with the actual homework, or doing it for you. I'm merely here for the support, not your homework doubts 😅

So, how do we study together?

Here's how it works...

⏰ I'm available between 1 am KST and 1 pm KST Monday through Thursday and Sundays. If you want to schedule a study time in advance, that's ok too! Otherwise, dm me if you want to study together :)

( obviously I might not always be available during these hours but I'll do my best :) )

OUTSIDE OF THESE HOURS (as long as it's between 12am KST and 3pm KST) I also enjoy studying art and many of life's mysteries, feel free to DM me if you want to study something a little less academic together 😊

What do you like studying about though?

  • Anatomy

  • Color theory

  • Color psychology

  • Art history

  • Clouds lol

  • Botany, mostly flower species and Bonsai trees

  • Korean culture

  • Korean cuisine

  • Korean literature (I just finished reading Almond)

  • Psychology in general

  • Mythology

  • Game developing

  • Music

I'm open to new stuff tho hehe.

If I'm studying with someone else already when you dm, you can join the session! The more the merrier 💜💜
Just tell me ✨💜✨